Top Five Most Valuable Sports Agencies

Top Five Most Valuable Sports Agencies

Where there is money made, there is a ranking lingering. Such is the case with the most valuable sports agencies of 2015. Not surprisingly, Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, CA made the top. It has $6.4 billion in contracts and has a max commissions point at $259.9 million.   In all fairness, it is also one of the leading talent agencies in LA.

It represents football, baseball, basketball, golf and hockey, so its portfolio is incredibly diverse. Still, their football division is the biggest money maker in their sports wing, as it is one of the most reputable in NFL player contracts (more than $2.6 billion of them).

Boras Corporation also hails from Southern California. The baseball agency is housed in a super mansion in Newport Beach. It has $1.7 billion under management and 164 years. Its commissions are at $117.1 million as of September 2015—not bad for only one sport. And of course, last but not least is Relativity Sports in Beverly Hills. The agency represents football, baseball and basketball.

Relativity Sports has a higher contract value under management than Boras, with $3.28 billion. However, as of this month, they only made $114.2 million in commissions.

Wasserman Media Group comes in at fourth place and has ties to New York, although its headquarters are in Los Angeles. It has $2.33 billion under contract and has a current commission earnings tally of $113.5 million. Wasserman has a diverse portfolio, including soccer.

And finally, the fifth most valuable sports agency right now is Mondial Sports. It is the only member of the top five with only soccer players. It is the top ranked soccer agency in the world and is based in Germany. It has $1.05 billion in contracts under management and has a current commissions tally of $105.1 million.


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