Sexy Cars

Sexy Cars

When it comes to the richest people in the world, billionaires often move beyond the high-end and into the realm of customized, sexy cars and vast collections. In fact, a lot of billionaires drive cars that anybody can afford, but that’s another topic… Here, you’ll find some of the most jaw-droppingly sexy cars gracing the highways and byways of California, aptly nicknamed “The Golden State.”

Billionaires Love Variety: Larry Ellison

Oracle founder Larry Ellison is famous for his stunning buys, like his purchase of a Hawaiian island in 2012. But when it comes to getting around, Ellison has a lot of options available. From the America’s Cup-winning Team Oracle sailboat to one of the world’s largest yachts and a variety of personal jets, Ellison can arrive in style by sea or air. When he stays on land, though, Ellison can choose from a range of top-end and sexy cars, like Lexus and Audi models as well as the $970,000 McLaren F1, the world’s fastest production car.

mclaren f1 larry ellison

There are sexy cars, and then there’s the F1. With a top speed of 243 mph, the F1 is a sight to behold (if it slows down long enough for you to catch a glimpse). Though McLaren stopped building the cars in 1998, the F1 has actually increased in value. A 2013 auction found one bought for a record $8.47 million. That’s a price tag that usually only finds buyers from our List of Billionaires!

During its review of the car, British magazine Autocar said, “The McLaren F1 is the finest driving machine yet built for the public road.”

James Stunt’s Hot SoCal Collection

If you’re walking down the streets of Beverly Hills or enjoying a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, keep your eyes peeled for any cars sporting the vanity plate “S7UNT.” That’s James Stunt, one of the newest Californians. Hailing from England, James Stunt has an estimated $5 – $7 billion net worth. It’s no surprise you can often see him driving a sexy car. His incredible collection boasts:

  • 3 Lamborghinis, including an AventadorJames Stunt lamborghini avendator
  • 5 Rolls Royces. Yes, 5 of them, and his Mansory Conquistador is one of a kind.
  • 2 Mercedes Gullwings
  • An AC Cobra
  • A vintage Ferrari 250LM

From the always amazing vintages to the hot, new supercars spotted with the S7TUNT plate, James Stunt’s collection of sexy cars continues to leave passers-by picking their jaws off the sidewalk.

You can be sure Stunt is always looking for the next addition to his car collection. With his primary residence being The Manor, a 56,500 square-foot mega-mansion in Los Angeles, he has the garage space for over 100 sexy cars.

Billionaires Don’t Always Need to Be Fast (or Have a Driver!)

Although still under development, the Google driverless car could mark a sea change in the way billionaires (and everyone else) get around California. Google founder Larry Page will likely be one of the first owners of a driverless car. He currently enjoys cruising around in the all-electric Tesla Roadster and the Zero X electric dirt bike.

larry page tesla

Is there anything sexier than a revolutionary new car? He’s turning heads with his Tesla, but what does the driverless car look like? Well, anything really! Google is developing software that can be installed in just about any car. The team developing the project has outfitted Toyota Prius, Audi TT, and Lexus RX450h with driverless systems.

Aside from a driver’s seat without a driver, though, you might recognize these sexy cars by their plates too, and not just because billionaires often have vanity plates either. So far, only California, Michigan, Nevada and Florida have laws allowing driverless cars for billionaires or otherwise. The special license plates, at least in Nevada, will have a red background and the infinity symbol on it.

Larry Page and Google are bringing about big changes in cars, so much so that a California DMV attorney has been quoted as saying, “The technology is ahead of the law in many areas.”

With billionaires and other members of the richest people in the world buying new cars every day, you’d better keep your eyes on the road for amazing sexy cars in California and the rest of the globe.

It's not a surprise that billionaires own some of the most expensive cars in the world. Find out whose car is the sexiest!

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