The Money Magic of Star Wars in America

The Money Magic of Star Wars in America

If any brand could wake the toy industry from its digital age slumber and shatter pre-sale movie records in an age when people download, stream and generally wait to watch films at home, it’s the beloved franchise Star Wars.

Brian Goldner, CEO of toy manufacturer Hasbro, confirmed that the brand had in fact experienced a shortage of Star Wars toys recently but is expected to be fully stocked in time for the December 18 release of the new film and last minute holiday shopping.

Star Wars is only solidifying the recent uptick in toy sales in the United States, as retail research group NDP had reported a 7.3% growth in toy sales in America. “We’re hearing concerns about the amount of screen time versus social time young people spend,” Goldner told Fortune.

However, beyond its contributions to the changing toy industry, Star Wars has also infused movie theaters with a burst of holiday cheer. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken pre-sale IMAX records with $6.5 million and overall pre-sale records with $50 million! If the film is even half as good as people hope, it appears that it is well on its way to shatter movie records and steal the recent thrown held by Jurassic World.

Everyone selling or contributing to the force this holiday season is no doubt going to experience extra sales—a testament to the true driving force behind the business rich: brand loyalty and love.

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