Paul Allen

Paul Allen

[table border=”0″]Net Worth, $15.8 Billion,,,
Source of Wealth, Co-founder of Microsoft,,,
Nationality, American,,,
Age, 60,,,[/table]

As co-founder of Microsoft Corporation with a net worth at the end of 2013 estimated to be $15.8 billion, Paul Allen is not only one of the most high profile businessmen on the List of Billionaires, but the world’s most wealthy bachelor. In addition to partnering with Bill Gates to make Microsoft an international household name, Allen founded and now serves as the chairman for Vulcan Inc., a company specializing in investment and project management. Aside from currently investing billions of dollars in real estate, technology and media companies, Allen has founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and Stratolaunch Systems.

Allen, a Seattle, Washington native, first became friends with Gates in grade school. Though Gates was three years younger, the pair connected over their love for computer systems. Allen attended the University of Washington, but dropped out as a sophomore in order to work in Boston as a computer programer. When Allen moved East, he and Gates, a Harvard University student, reconnected. Gates followed in Allen’s footsteps by dropping out and the two moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where they developed Microsoft.

In 1982, Allen stepped back from the company when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma which he survived after successful treatments of radiation. He still serves as an advisor to the company’s executives and owns a stake in the company in the form of shares. Though mostly based out of Seattle, Allen most recently bought a $27 million newly constructed Atherton modern estate in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Allen mixes business with pleasure by investing in his interests in athletics, music, and film. An avid sports fan, Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks under the National Football League, the Portland Trail Blazers under the National Basketball Association, and part ownership of the Seattle Sounders FC under the Major League Soccer franchise.

In addition to sports, Allen has been a music enthusiast since he was a teenager with a particular passion for the electric guitar and blues rock. Paul Allen and the Underthinkers released their first album titled Everywhere at Once in 2013 under Sony’s Legacy Recordings label. Along with his sister Jody, Allen owns and produces films and documentaries for Vulcan Productions some of which have received Academy and Golden Globe nominations.

Allen is a well known philanthropist who has donated more that $1.5 billion to organizations with focuses ranging from technology to education to wildlife conservation. In 2000, Allen signed The Giving Pledge where he promised to give at least half of his fortune to charitable causes over the course of his life.

In 2011, Allen recounted his life story in Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft.

Paul Allen is a billionaire with many diverse interests. He mixes business and pleasure by investing in athletics, music, and film. His interesting involvements puts him on the Business Rich's list of billionaires.

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