Most Expensive Homes in California

Most Expensive Homes in California

With The Golden State serving as home to more billionaires than any other state in America, it is a land that walks the walk and talks the talk. In the late 1840s, over 300,000 American men made the decision as head of their household to move West to California. With keys to customized Rolls-Royces as the closest thing to mining picks, these 21st century fellows fashion a legacy that would certainly make the original forty-niner trail-blazers proud (and perhaps a little green with envy). What do the men who have earned their spot on the List of Billionaires who travel from far and wide to live on the Golden Coast do with the real estate that their ambitious predecessors once mined? The only answer. Become prospectors for bungalows fit only for their billionaire budget.


The Ritzy Retreat.

Masayoshi Son Home









In 2012, Billionaire Masayoshi Son broke the record for the most expensive home ever sold in US history. For $117.5 million, Son, the 2nd richest man in Japan, won his 9,000-square foot prize. Nestled between an expansive pool house intricately decorated with columns, a stand alone library, a swimming pool, tennis courts, formal gardens, and a specifically designated “retreat” building, the Neo-classical main house certainly does not feel lonely located in the rural hills of Woodside, California. As chief of Softbank, a Japanese telecommunication corporation, Son has created a world of his own that is still conveniently located near the bustling business of Silicon Valley.


The Hollywood Manor.

James Stunt Home

Billionaire James Stunt has an estimated net worth of $5 – $7 billion. It’s no surprise he and his wife Petra Ecclestone, who happens to also be a billionaire, hopped over the pond and into a $85 million mansion originally built by Charlie’s Angels producer Aaron Spelling in 1988. Behind the Gone With the Wind grand entrance stair case lies 56,000 square feet and 124 rooms.

The Manor, Los Angeles County’s largest home, is outfitted with:

  • Massage room
  • Three hair salons
  • Walk-in closet with it’s own internal staircas
  • 7,000-square foot master suite with its own living room and kitchen
  • 100-car court (filled with Stunt’s Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, and Lamborghinis of course)
  • Movie theater
  • Night club
  • Bowling alley

The Hidden Hideaway.

Mark Zuckerberg Home

When young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg caught wind that a developer was planning to capitalize on the neighborhood where he and his wife had recently bought a new home, the Facebook creator decided to buy the surrounding four properties. The local San Jose Mercury News speculates that along with privacy, Zuckerberg wanted to control how the surrounding houses would be marketed and who his neighbors were. In order to make sure his plan went off without a hitch, Zuckerberg bought homes for millions more than their estimated worth and showed neighborly love by leasing his new properties to their original owners at generous rates.

Billionaires Bungalow.

Paul Allen Home

For $27 million dollars, Microsoft tycoon Paul Allen bought a newly constructed estate that sits atop 1.97 acres. With 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, a theater, a spa, and an expansive guest house, Allen’s House Manager overseas the property from within the cushy “House Manager’s Suite.” Ever in sync with the industry that made him his fortune, Allen’s contemporary styled home located in what has been recently dubbed America’s priciest zip code is modernly accented with floor to ceiling glass walls.

California - especially SoCal is known for its elite residents, but what homes are the most expensive and who owns them?

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