John Paulson

John Paulson

[table border=”0″]Net Worth, $11.2 Billion,,,
Source of Wealth, Founder and President of Paulson & Co.,,,
Nationality, American,,,
Age, 57,,,[/table]

John Paulson is an American hedge fund manager most notable for accurately predicting the American housing crisis of 2009 and using his firm, Paulson & Co., to bet against the effectiveness of subprime mortgage lending. This allowed him to pull in a record $5 billion in 2010, quite a feat even for the List of Billionaires.

Now a major investor in gold trading, Paulson has also begun investing in Bank of America, Citigroup and other firms.

In 2012, he donated $100 million to the Central Park Conservancy. He has also made notable contributions to SuperPACs, including Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future SuperPAC.

He owns numerous houses: one in Aspen, an Upper East Side townhouse, another home in Southhampton, and others.

John Paulson is notable for accurately predicting the American housing crisis. His success and savvy puts him on the Business Rich list of billionaires.

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