Forrest Mars, Sr.

Forrest Mars, Sr.

[table border=”0″]Net Worth, $4 Billion,,,
Source of Wealth,  Mars Inc. ,,,
Nationality, American,,,
Age, Deceased,,,[/table]

The son of Frank C. Mars, who founded Mars, Incorporated, Forrest Mars, Sr. built an already popular American confectionary company into a global empire of products, despite the initial protests of his father. By the time he retired and left the company equally to his three children, Forrest Mars had created a colossus of the candy industry, and earned his place on the List of Billionaires.

After earning a degree from Yale in Industrial Engineering, Mars, Sr. began working for his father at Mars, Inc. A serious disagreement about international expansion eventually led to Mars leaving his father’s company for the U.K., where he worked at one point for competitors Nestle and Tobler.

Mars returned to America and started Food Products Manufacturing, where he created Uncle Ben’s Rice, the Pedigree line of pet food, and M&M’s. Forrest, Sr. took control of Mars, Inc. after his father’s death. He merged Food Products Manufacturing into Mars, Inc.

In 1973, he retired and gave control of Mar, Inc. equally to his three children. In 1999, he passed away at the age of 95.

Forrest Mars Sr. is son to the founder of the candy company Mars. He grew his father's already successful candy company into a global empire. This puts this billionaire on our list on the Business Rich.

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