Dorsey Comes Back to Twitter, Joins Legacy of Dual CEO Positions

Dorsey Comes Back to Twitter, Joins Legacy of Dual CEO Positions

By now you’ve heard the news: Jack Dorsey is returning to Twitter as its CEO. If you’re at all familiar with the 38-year-old’s business endeavors, you know that he is also the CEO of the portable, app-happy credit processing company Square. This means he is joining the ranks of dual CEO legends like Steve Jobs (who was CEO of both Apple and Pixar simultaneously) and Elon Musk who currently leads both Tesla and Space X.

Dorsey has taken to, well, Twitter to discuss his feelings about the change. He has expressed that his confidence in his superb teams at both companies will make manning the two feasible. This, of course, comes at at time when investors have concerns about Twitter’s slowing user growth and stock dips. Will he thrive and push both companies to the next level? That’s what we all want to know. He is already one of the richer people in America under 40. Can he reach new heights?

To revisit Jack Dorsey as a person, here is a refresher course. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA. Much like some of his famous peers, he is a college dropout. Only he didn’t go to Stanford. He went to NYU. Dorsey has a current net worth of $2.3 billion. He is a certified masseur and pursued fashion design before finding his home in tech. In true entrepreneurial style, Dorsey isn’t just a self-made billionaire. He also taught himself how to code.

In a turn of events, since reclaiming his spot at Twitter, the microblogging cofounder has already faced a number of rumors. It is believed that company-wide layoffs are set for the second week in October. Twitter wouldn’t comment on the rumors, but we will know in a few days. It currently has 4,200 employees.

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