David Koch

David Koch

[table border=”0″]Net Worth, $36 Billion,,,
Source of Wealth, Koch Industries Inc. ,,,
Nationality, American,,,
Age, 73,,,[/table]

A former vice-presidential candidate, star basketball player at MIT, famously understated philanthropist and survivor of a plane crash, David H. Koch is also the richest man living in New York City, and was the fourth richest of America’s billionaires in 2012.

David Koch earned his Master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was head of the engineering wing of the family business, Koch Industries, nine years later. He is now the executive vice-president and co-owner, with brother Charles Koch.

Koch reached the List of Billionaires through his 42% stake in Koch Industries, which is the second-largest privately owned conglomerate in the United States, with holdings in manufacturing, petroleum, chemicals and many other industries.

In 1980, Koch was the vice-presidential candidate for the Libertarian ticket, though Republican candidate Ronald Reagan won the election. Koch began supporting Republican causes himself in 1984 when the Libertarian Party started to campaign for the elimination of all taxes.

Being the richest man in New York City puts David Koch on our list of billionaires at the Business Rich.

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