Divide and Conquer: Apple to Shut Down Beats November 30

Divide and Conquer: Apple to Shut Down Beats November 30

Apple plans to shut down the Beats by Dre music streaming service at the end of the month after only 18 months of managing the brand. Of course, since acquiring Beats music and electronics for a whopping $3 billion buy, Apple has also come out with its own streaming service—Apple music.

6324179351_80c2041e8b_oWas this an error in judgement or a purchase with foresight? People often wondered why Apple made this hefty acquisition in the first place. It can be looked at as a bad investment. It has only been 18 months, after all. However, it can also make perfect, brilliant sense. Apple was able to acquire a product it liked and could use in conjunction with a future service.

Unsurprisingly, they are urging Beats music service users to transfer their libraries to Apple Music. It is also important to note that Beats by Dre music has pulled in any new music subscribers since Apple Music dropped. It appears that the two-option approach doesn’t work for a company. (Then again, Apple probably knew this all along.)

In any case, the purchase still made history and propelled famed hip hop artist Dr. Dre into the billionaires club.

Beats headphones and electronic products will not be affected by this new direction.


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