Apple Joins Forces With Luxury Brand Hermès

Apple Joins Forces With Luxury Brand Hermès

Apple is often credited with producing and inventing some of the cleanest, most forward-thinking personal tech gadgets on the market. Their branding is strong, and their devoted following is stronger. They say once somebody becomes an Apple person, they never change back. But even the tech giant makes some blunders.

Despite its anticipated launch, Apple Watch did not make the shattering sales Apple and its shareholders hoped for. It seems the reach of the iPhone is still much greater than a wearable counterpart. There is still hope, however. The company just announced its first big attempt at giving the watch an edge: a collaboration with luxury French retailer Hermès.

The Apple Watch Hermès Collection is the first huge step by Apple to naturalize the look of the Apple Watch as more than a tech gadget, but an aesthetically appealing accessory. Each watch comes encased in a stainless steel plate bearing the Hermès signature etching and the signature leather straps. They are available in 38mm and 42mm stainless steal cases.

The basic model, “Single Tour,” goes for $1,100. The leather band loops around the wrist once. The “Double Tour,” as the name implies, loops around the wrist twice (pictured above) for a $1,250. The “Cuff” model is a nod to equestrian style and costs $1,500.

The collection will be available October 2015.

Apple Watch Hermes "Single Tour"

Apple Watch Hermes “Single Tour”


Apple Watch Hermes "Cuff"

Apple Watch Hermes “Cuff”










All photos via Apple. 

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